Welcome Peeps!

Welcome Peeps!

Lucky Mama and Daddy started this page in 2015 when we desperately needed to raise funds for an Autism Assistance dog for our then one Autistic boy, Lucky (5), to help keep him safe when out and about and be his friend. A lot has changed since then. Lucky’s diagnosis has changed to a specific language disorder, mild autism and ADHD. Our eldest boy, Bear (7), has since also been diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. Then there are our two very spirited little people, Monkey (6) and Mouse (2), and together the Fantastic 4 keep us very busy!

On our journey we have met the most amazing people and we have also learned a lot. We love to share our experiences with all our friends. Good and bad! And we love to hear from you all!

When we are not working and busy with the little people, we also distribute collateral to schools to teach children, parents and teachers about Autism. What makes our special children tick. What helps them, and what isn’t helpful!

If you would like to hand out collateral at your school, please drop us an email at: wecalledhimlucky@gmail.com for more information.

I hope you all love our posts and find it useful!

With love

Lucky Mama