Colourful family

Lucky Daddy was born and bred in The Midlands, England. Lucky Mama was born and bred in Pretoria, South Africa. Let me just say, that I firmly believe in opposites attract theory!! Hubby wanted to become a writer and became a Scientist instead.

Me, I’m not that good with writing, (haha – that is an understatement!!!) but always been a bit of a social butterfly. I love people and I adore children. I always wanted to have a HUGE family. And of course, that vision drastically changed last year June (apparently four children is just child’s play) as I’m sure all parents would understand that are blessed to have an autistic child. Nevertheless, we did have four of the most amazing children. And they are all very spirited and very different!!

Bear was born in England one very, very cold winter six years ago. Since birth he was a bit more needy than most babies, we finally realised that he has sensory integration issues.

Monkey was born in Pretoria the Autumn, about three months after we moved to South Africa, with an intention of two years, which became five. Monkey was a textbook baby. All his growth spurts were right on time. He is definitely the joker in the family and a precocious one to say the least.

Lucky was born in the following winter in Pretoria as well. He was without a doubt the angel baby boy. He hardly ever cried and was always smiling at everyone. Little did we know at the time that he was going to bring as much light into our lives.

Two years later Miss Mouse was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She is the most beautiful baby girl in the whole world, in my humble, non-biased opinion 🙂 Miss Mouse is one tough cookie!! It is not easy to be born last after a very strong autistic brother who doesn’t always understand that a one year old who has only been walking for a month, falls over very easily when a whirlwind three year old run pasts!

That is a little bit of background of our colourful family…

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