Taking a walk on the beachfront

Normally kids love being outside. Lucky certainly does… In windy cold conditions it doesn’t last long though. There is not many clothing items that Lucky enjoys wearing. He HATES shoes!!!! And I think he hates socks just a wee bit more!! He HATES coats, hats, gloves, scarves.. Well, really anything that can keep him warm.

Needless to say, our first attempt to visit the aquarium was an absolute disaster. Firstly, it took me ages to even get Lucky out of the car, and second, he pointblank refused to wear his coat, shoes, socks, and beanie. Just one-of would have been nice. Throw into the mix the day was particularly windy,

One crazy-happy Lucky after a HECTIC meltdown followed by a calming walk along the beachfront
One crazy-happy Lucky after a HECTIC meltdown followed by a calming walk along the beachfront
grey and cold. I finally managed to get the four kids out the car, dressed, suited and booted for the prevailing condition, and when we arrived at the aquarium’s reception the wonderfully, helpful lady behind the till insists of my completing forms-fillings equivalent of war and peace…….per intended annual member. Lucky was not having any of it! He just wanted to run off to explore. After having an uncontrollable meltdown (tantrums are merely child’s play), like only an autistic child can, we were forced to leave and brave a coastal walk to allow him to self-regulate a bit before the long road home.

Ah well, so we learn.. Everyday is an adventure.. Note to self: always join annual membership schemes online!!!!!!

Once our new Autism Service Dog joins us [circa end of March], he/she will be able to help Lucky stay calm, and keep safe, whilst he has to wait or simply, in his eyes anyway, endure public places.

Please help sponsor an Austism Service Dog for our Lucky!! You can eat more at: http://www.letsgofundraise.com/fundraiser_detail.php?fundid=74.

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