Days like these

I must say, today was a really KAK day!! For all my English friends, that means a really, really shitty day!! I don’t like to complain much about my beautiful boy, but for anybody who knows us and has spent some time with us, they would know that these kak days come in waves… And I’m suspecting that this wave has something to do with the fact that our boy have gone from eating the five things he eats EVERY day to TWO things!!! I’m a nervous wreck worrying about him… He’s a starving, sensory sensitive autistic boy… In the mix of homework, baby, etc, etc… You do the math šŸ™‚ I know in a few days time everything will be colourful again, but for now I’m worried about my boy and the fact that he can’t properly communicate what is bugging him, my older boys who have to go to school tomorrow tired and stressed and my baby girl who only had a 40 min nap today… I mean seriously!!!! How does she cope šŸ˜€

Just another day in paradise!


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