Hyper bunny posing for photos? I don’t think so!

While we were still living in South Africa, we needed to get South African passports for the three younger kids before we could apply for their British passports. At the time Lucky was obviously not yet diagnosed, and we thought that getting a simple head shot would be a piece of cake….

Well, were we in for a BIG surprise!! Every time we went to a photo booth, Lucky would literally not be able to sit still and look at the camera for five seconds!! We tried bribing, joking, playing, angry faces, but NOTHING worked!! And with each try, it just got worse. Unfortunately, South African Home Affairs required a child to face the camera, look straight ahead, with no facial expression! Hahaha!!! Unlike the rest of the world who issue passports, the rules is nowhere near as realistic as it should be. I mean, come on!! How many two and a half or even three year olds can sit still, with a straight face for passport photos. Never mind an autistic hyper bunny!!! Needless to say, four month later, we still didn’t have a photo!!

Now, after Lucky’s diagnosis, we understand that all the photo shops that we went to were too cluttered and crowded for Lucky to handle. What is up with that anyway?! Why are photo shops always the smallest shops in the world?!?!

I got the bright idea that perhaps we should get a professional photographer to take pictures of all of us. Looking serious, and looking at the camera, with a light grey backdrop. It worked!! Out of a hundred photos there was one we could use.

Unfortunately, the whole passport experience was so traumatic for Lucky that he now never poses for a camera. If he notices I am taking pictures or videos of him, he gets aggressive and really upset. If you were wondering why our therapy videos are a big shaky, it’s because we need to hide the camera 🙂


This is a picture of my lovely family when Miss Mouse was about two months old!

And a couple of videos of Lucky in therapy not doing too badly, considering he hasn’t eaten anything besides peanut butter sandwiches in over a week… But that is a whole other story!!

Lucky therapy session one…

…and session number two…

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