Protecting The Line

A couple of years ago when Lucky didn’t evolve from the ‘making lines with object’ stage to ‘stacking objects’ stage, I wished I knew the reason he seemed stuck somehow with line up all his toys, or anything really. Coasters, placemats, pots and pans, spoons, toys, puzzles, anything..

Today we understand a wee bit more than two years ago. Besides his ASD diagnosis, Lucky was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD as well, so his behaviour is typical and we (sort of) understand the reason he struggles to retain new information. Even with all the therapy, Floortime, Occupational Therapy, Play Therapy, Lucky’s playtime on his own, always remain the same. Lucky always play the same ‘game’ with the same toys. We have theories about what he actually plays with his toys. I suspect that he is just reinacting the movies he’s watched with the toys he’s playing with, but really, while he remains non-verbal, we will never know.

Any other toy or activity on the shelves throughout the house is packed out in a straight line. And Lucky gets really freaked out if one moves out of line. It’s almost as if in his world that line of objects makes sense and he can actually control that line. It’s very important to him and he must protect it. And when Lucky can control something he seems comforted, content, and almost satisfied with the world, just for that moment while that line is perfect.

So, we will protect that line. Even if it is just for thirty minutes. And if Lucky wants that line to stay there for a whole day, we will protect the line with him. We will stand guard with him for as long as he needs that line to help him feel in control so he can feel comforted and safe and so he can feel everything makes sense for as long as he needs….

And when he is done with the line and he is ready to move on, then, and only then, we can go ahead and learn some more… Together!

Please share with us what helps you kiddo into his/her happy place.. That happy place where they feel content, in control and where things (for that moment) actually makes sense for them. We would love to hear from you all.

Lucky Mama




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  1. Lining up is great fun. Finian used to do it with ALL of his Bob the Builder trucks, in order of the song. Now his happy place is the bath with a jug and rubber ducks. The lift is another big favourite XXX

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