One happy Lucky = One happy Mama!

After eating hardly anything for weeks, I am happy to report that Lucky is now back to his old self. He’s finally eating peanut butter sandwiches, some apple, bananas and pesto pasta!!! YAY!!! Happy days!!!

We are still not sure what set him off to stop eating, was it the horrible experience we had with the new Pediatric Psycologist or just sensory issues. One day we might understand, but at least he’s eating again and not waking in the night or at 05:00am starving hungry. For weeks now he has been high strung, tired, miserable when out and about and aggressive when he doesn’t get his way. Exactly the way I would feel if I struggled to eat for a few weeks 🙂

He is in his happy place again!! Eating and sleeping well… This makes Lucky Mama VERY happy!!! He is enjoying therapy, he’s talking more, cuddling more, kissing more, engaging more with eye contact, overall he is just much happier.

Here is a few videos for a happy Lucky in therapy:

Working Lucky:

Tidying Lucky:

Flappy Lucky:

Now…. To find an Autism friendly Podiatrist to help us with Lucky’s feet problems.. That’s going to be a whole new adventure!!

Lucky Mama!


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  1. Food is a huge issue in our house too. I’m really glad your wee man has come through this. It’s good that there’s lots of cuddles too XXX

    1. Thank you Jean!! I must say, it is very stressful and it happens every few months. And no tummy bugs present. I sometimes just wish he could talk!!! Thank you for the encouragement. It is so nice to know we are not alone and that we are actually normal 😀

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