Lucky’s Therapy Progress

So, we called in the Occupational Therapist seven weeks ago. We moved to England from South Africa in December and stayed in France for six months on route to England so it was really hard for our kiddos since they don’t handle change very well. When the OT started seven weeks ago, Lucky was very possessive with his toys, his blankie, and even his Mama. Lucky couldn’t concentrate on one specific activity for longer than two minutes before he changed it into ‘building a line’ activity, which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

The OT did physical activities to help Lucky with his body awareness and concentration, she showed us how to encourage Lucky to communicate better and she helped us to help Lucky cope with outings (which we still struggle with, a lot!!).

Now after six very short OT sessions, we have been equipped to help Lucky to concentrate for up to seven minutes on an activity. We do celebrate any and all achievements in the Lucky household ☺️ He is enjoying messy play a bit more (we’re still struggling a bit here), he is eating his usual foods again, he talks more and communicates better, and he is sharing SO much more!! He shares with everybody and he shares his precious toys and even his best mate Woody. He is generally far more open to his baby sister invading his space and touching him when he doesn’t expect it.

We are now trying to tackle Makaton signing and visual aids to help Lucky communicate better so that he feels less frustrated. We’ll keep you posted on the progress 😊

Here’s to the next six week block with our wonderful OT where we’ll focus a bit more on his sensory processing issues. And I will write more about that next week πŸ˜‰

Some OT sessions to share.

Heavy muscle work


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  1. OT made an enormous difference to my little man. The progress is slow but steady. I remember our OT saying they planned to have Finian concentrating for 20 minutes and I laughed in her face….I was eating my words (very happily) months later XXX

    1. Oh my Jean!!! 20 minutes??? It seems almost impossible 😳 but then again a year ago he only said 15 words and he’s up to 60 already. Next stop, speech therapy…

  2. It is possible and I’m sure he will do it! πŸ™‚ Great that he is learning to sign as a precursor to fluent speech. Have you seen this video? It’s one of my favorites and I show it to families a lot! The mom is a speech therapist and signing specialist and she using signing with her (regularly developing) little girl but it really shows how adapted signs are used with Young kids!

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