Another Diagnosis


Sorry for being so quiet you all, but the   Lucky family have just been man down with the most horrific flu that we’ve had in about four years. None of the kids ate any food for five days and they had terrible fevers. So, needless to say, Mummy hasn’t slept in two weeks and is a bit grumpy to say the least.

So, besides being sicky, we have been very busy getting new therapists for Lucky. This week he will start Music Therapy and Speech Therapy. And even though Lucky is only turning four this year, and homeschooling is still pretty easy, we have found that he seems to like the whole school idea since he doesn’t want to leave his brothers’ school in the morning at drop off so I thought we should start looking at our options. 

The independent SEN schools in the UK would accept our South African diagnosis, but then the fundraising would start all over again and it is very hard to move from independent funding to local education authority funded, so we’ve had to kick-off a local diagnosis for Lucky. This exercise seems to take forever!!! 

And in the meantime Lucky is in a very good place so really now would have been a good time to meet the new pediatrician. But just making the appointment has now taken over two weeks. And that’s just the first of many professionals that’s going to be prodding and poking at Lucky over the next who knows how long!! It’s a good thing we started looking at this now. If the process takes a few years, we still have time. 

Sadly, we have heard many horror ASD diagnosis stories and it is said that the process could take two to three years! And the local education authority do not accept private professionals’ diagnosis. So my question is then, what would the UK government expect a non-verbal autistic child to do when they come of school going age? Would try just be strung along until a diagnosis is done? Or would they be expected to go to a non-SEN school and not socialise with anybody? So many questions!!!

At home the good news is, that it seems that Lucky is going through what I can only assume a physical growth spurt. He is eating a big bowl of gluten free cornflakes, four bowls of presto pasta, four bananas, two home made carrot and banana muffins, apple, and nuts. This has been going on now for three days!! 


So, here’s to keep on, keeping on the big fight for our ASD kiddos!!!

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