Why I REALLY Dislike ANY Holiday Season


So, our lives are really simple since Lucky’s diagnosis. I remember socialising almost every weekend. And before children, every night 😜

But since Lucky’s diagnosis we have even stopped going to restaurants. Lucky’s Daddy & Mama are social butterflies, but unfortunately most public places are too much for Lucky. Lucky has so many sensory issues, that it hinders him to take in any input to store in his longterm memory. Then, to top it off, his older brother Bear, has sensory issues as well.

So, now our outings are really limited to really close friends, family, zoos, parks, beach, and aquariums. We can only dream of going to Legoland, Thorpe Park, or the likes. Those type of outings would not last 10 minutes, and at that price would not be the best idea!!!! Thank goodness for online shopping! I remember pre-diagnosis time when shopping with Lucky was an absolute disaster, and we thought he was just really struggling with his ‘terrible twos’ phase early!! And the bits that Mama forgets to order, Daddy picks up after work.

The holidays are the worst for us. Everywhere we go it is busy!!! Every park, zoo, aquarium you can think of is jam packed!! And sadly, Lucky is at the stage now that when he wants to swing, he wants to swing and everybody else must step aside or we take a trip down meltdown lane purely just because it’s so busy. Lucky reaches meltdown stage pretty quickly when he’s surrounded by too much stimuli. And obviously the other kids, and parents, stares at him and quickly move their kids away when they see Lucky approaching. I’m assuming it is because they think he needs to be disciplined, as some people in the past have pointed out.

So when all the kids go back to school, Lucky is in heaven, because he only has one or two other kids around. And we can explain his behaviour as we go along. And he can lie in the middle of the playground/zoo/aquarium floor and just be.. Take everything in at his own time… And process it on his own time 😊

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