Times Are A Changing….


So…. I’ve mentioned to you all before what Lucky’s symptoms were, why and how we had him diagnosed.

Since we moved to England in December we have introduced an Occupational Therapist who has really added so much value and Lucky absolutely adores her.. And we have started speech therapy for the first time ever this week, which went pretty well, all things considered.

The same way as we don’t believe in Gina Ford’s crying it out method, for the same reason, we don’t believe in behavioural therapy. As with our other children, we believe attachment parenting or as it’s called these days, gentle parenting. For us, behavioural therapy does not quite fit into our parenting style and I believe the two are connected as one.

We believe that if we meet our children’s needs, that they will then grow and blossom in their own right. Lucky just has different needs than our other children, but they are still needs. Not weaknesses that needs to be concealed, not flaws that needs to be fixed, not glitches that needs to be  reprogrammed, and definitely not dysfunctional that needs to be retrained!!!

He is Lucky! A human being who has strengths and weaknesses. He has needs that are…. Just different! Lucky needs food, water, love, cuddles, sleep, clothes, etc. just like any other human being. But he also needs physical therapy, speech therapy, Occupational Therapy, and he has special educational needs. For us, Lucky is exactly just like any other boy who loves to play, get dirty, and needs his parents to look after him and protect him. Just like our other boys and girl.

With Lucky’s therapy, he has made so much progress in language, he has gone through a big development growth spurt, and he has an overall better grasp, but we have found that with all this progress comes the more clearly visible and defined autism symptoms.

Lucky just in the last two weeks started flapping, a lot more. He used to flap, but once maybe twice a week for a minute. But lately, it’s really all day, in between activities. I’m assuming it’s because the house is really busy, with his brothers being at home, new therapist, drs visits.

I also noticed that Lucky also developed a really high pitched, loud screechy stim… All new!

He has also decided to take the road, on his own, when he is not happy. Definitely not a good one!!! Scary to say the least. Lucky used to go ahead or hide when his environment was too much for him to take in, but he always used to go so he can still see me. Probably because he is just not sure about being on his own. But just the last week he decided to take the road. He ran, and didn’t look back. This is where the problems begin!

Then there is the new thing with rubbing unwanted bodily fluids on the walls. I mean what’s up with that?? And how exactly did the poop get on his fingers? And why can’t the snot suddenly not go on a baby wipe? Why should it be rubbed on the wall instead?

Oh dear…. We entering an interesting part of our journey with Autism…… The part that I always just read about, but is now very much in full flight 😜

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