STOP Bullying!!

  Stop Bullying!!!

Since we started this blog in January, we have seen countless posts of children being bullied!! Bullied at school, bullied in the park, even bullied by their parents. It is horrifying to say the least.

As you can see when Autistic people are out socialising and they are bullied it breaks them down!! I know our kiddos completely internalise everything they hear. We have to keep our language simple and direct with our boys so they can associate the words with the feelings. Imagine the damage that bullying will do! It’s frightening, to say the least!!

Recently on Facebook, thanks to the efforts of A Year In The Life Of Autism, the ASD community reached out to a boy called Morgan who was bullied at school so badly that he didn’t even want leave his house. It was so heartwarming how everybody showed love for a boy that needed acceptance, a boy who needed to hear that he is amazing!! 

We teach our children to accept and respect ALL people, irrespective of race, sexual preference, ability or disability so that our children can set an example out there in the world.. And that’s how we make a difference!

Morgan’s Mum wrote a beautiful letter to A Year In The Life Of Autism: When I read their story it really touched my heart. We have very special kiddos and I cannot imagine them being victims of this kind of abuse!!

I think we have a responsibility here!!


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