Worthy Of A Cause?


Yeah, so before I knew Autism, I donated to starving children in Africa, abused children in Eastern Europe and babies left in a ‘hole in a wall’ charity in Cape Town where mothers could deposit their babies in a hole in a wall just so they won’t dump their babies in the dustbin or in a field. All worthy charities I still support, but I now have a new focus closer to home.

So I completely get why people would think donating money towards a dog for a boy with ‘some’ touchy-feely issues might be unnecessary, but if you knew Autism, if you really knew somebody Autistic…. You would probably think twice.

Autistic people are in my opinion the more sensitive people I know.. Because they really feel.. They internalise and feel deep down inside their bones.

They try to ‘get’ you… Without your mask. Just you… And when they get you they are real with you! They don’t try and pussyfoot around you or come with long stories, they just say it as it is.

Now, imagine this person with all these ‘out of this world traits’, imagine that they can give so much to you, yet at the same time they have to cope with millions of messages sent to their brains that needs to be processed and their body and brain is just not functioning the same as yours. So when they get their messages sorted out, it might be far more enhanced or numbing than you would experience it. Yet, somehow, they have the ability to make you feel like you are the only person in the room with them. You are the only person whose voice they hear, and what you say or do matters and is noticed.

That is how I see Autism. And that is why I believe Autistic people should have Assistance Dogs. Animals feel and see without questions. They accept love without discrimination. They are there!!! Period!!!


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