What are the Lucky kiddos like? Discussing diet, illness and sleep


I wanted to let you into our lives a bit more so you can understand why we are passionate about certain things and why we believe in the things we believe in.

Just like every child is a unique individual with special unique needs, so every is parent different. And each parent has their own parenting style. And I believe we should respect each other’s ideas and keep our negative thoughts to ourselves and rather see how we can support each other.

I don’t claim we are experts at anything, well, except maybe Lucky Daddy.. He’s an expert in maths and cryptography, but other than that we learn as we go along. That said, I have never done as much research on anything in my life!!!!! Ask me anything on Autism and parenting and I will probably have something to say πŸ˜„

So just delving right in…..

When Bear was born six years and three months ago, he was a sensitive baby. At the time we were reading the normal parenting books and as first time parents, we tried to do things right. But it was hard!! Bear didn’t sleep as easily as we thought he would. He got overstimulated very easily so we never really used plastic, soundy toys. We preferred wooden toys and musical instruments. He also struggled with reflux, milk allergies, asthma from his allergies and other sensitivities to foods. Bear also has low muscle tone and many other sensory processing issues. Bear also really struggles with chest infections.

When Monkey was born, it felt like a walk in the park compared to Bear’s first year. Besides his reflux, there wasn’t really anything else he was struggling with. A real textbook baby. He eats well, sleeps well and is overall a confident, happy-go-lucky chappie! Five years later and he is still our textbook baby 😍 monkey hardly ever gets sick, and when he does, he recovers very quickly.

Lucky was a quiet little soul. He has milk allergies, and even though he LOVED bread, he really struggled with his tummy after eating it. He got re-accuring yeast infections and ear infections. The poor little man suffered and struggled to sleep through the night even until now. Friends and family gave us advise, “it’s night terrors”, “he’s spoiled and doesn’t want to sleep on his own”. Even the Paediatrician said: “you should sleep train him and let him cry it out. He should sleeping through the night by 18 months.” Bless him. Imagine if we actually listened to any of these? What damage would that have done to our relationship? How would Lucky, or any of our kiddos, have trusted that we would be there for them if we failed to be there for them when they needed us at night?

Miss Mouse is still only small, but her first 12 months have been magical. She is apparently in quite a hurry to grow up. She has no time for all this baby stuff 😜 She crawled, walked, talked early and eats just about anything. I’m not sure she’s ever going to leave the boobie though 😍

So, as you can see, quite a colourful family 😜 So, we decided to move the whole family onto a dairy free, gluten free, organic diet. Well, as much as we can anyway. There is some dairy we use at times, but we really try to avoid it and we are proud to say we have conquered the gluten side of our diet and we are all feeling a lot better for it.



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