Gus is arriving tomorrow!!


So, this week was a little out of sorts. Purely because the big fellas went back to school after three and a half weeks. Firstly, Lucky and Miss Mouse missed them, and then coupled with the chaos of getting four kids ready to go between 06:00 and 07:00am has been a bit hectic for Lucky. Lucky doesn’t cope very well with stress and it’s been pretty stressful getting back into our school routine.

Then on top of it all we have been trying to prepare Lucky for a new addition to our family, Gus, Lucky’s service dog that you all helped him to get.
We were given a big list of prep to do prior to Gus’ arrival, and for the first time in four months, we all went out for a shopping session. And what a f****** disaster!!!!! To say the least!!

Throughout our “Gus” campaign I tried to explain how hard it is to go anywhere with Lucky’s sensory issues. And while waiting for Gus’ arrival I only took him to play in the park, or to the nature reserve, the zoo, and the aquarium. The only extra outside interaction coming via the therapist’s visits to our house.

How humbling is it? When you are reminded how limited his sensory window is with all the excitement of shopping for a new dog and the sensory input therein. Today my boy had a complete meltdown, completely freaked out.

A busy week. A difficult week for Lucky. On we go and fingers crossed for Gus’ arrival.


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