A View On An Autistic’s Daily Meal Plan


Due to Lucky’s many sensory issues, which are quite common with Autistic children, he has a very limited diet. Obviously, the best nutrition for our kiddos is always our first priority, but in the case of Autism, it is very hard to get our kiddos to get all the nutrition that they need for their growing bodies and minds.

Oh how many times a week I wish that our kiddos can just eat the same meals as us, and I have had countless advice in this regard given to me over the years!! “Just stop feeding him, he’ll eat sooner than later”, “discipline him, a good hiding never hurt anyone. He will soon stop screaming”, “let them go hungry”, etc., et cetera. But we like to embrace their differences.

Since Lucky’s diagnosis, and ALL we have learned over the last almost two years, we have accepted that they will always be different. They were born different! And just because society doesn’t accept their differences, doesn’t mean we should not help them in our own way to eat, sleep, and play better. I would love to say that we get it right, but every day is an adventure. You never know what the day will bring, but we respect their needs every day. However weird, unique or wonderful their needs may be for that day.

With this in mind, we have been able to stress less about what Lucky prefers to eat and enrich his preferred diet with superfoods and vitamins, etc by adding it into his meals. So, needless to say, Mummy bakes muffins DAILY!!!!

We always offer what the rest of the family is eating, but Lucky refuses and cannot even bare the smell or taste of most of what we eat. We are well aware that his diet is not perfect, but we are just too thankful that he doesn’t prefer junk food!! He is only three years old, so I’m hoping that will NEVER change. With all the diet limitations, we make sure that all our ingredients are organic and fresh.

Breakfast Gluten free Corn Flakes with homemade calcium and vitamin D3 (Kirkmans

Lab) enriched almond milk and a homemade muffin with is where we add

the ground flax, chia seeds, hemp powder, and a variety of other super foods

Snack (NO BITS) Fruit and vegetable smoothie enriched with his vitamins (Kirkmans

Nu-Thera Rasberry Liquid)

Lunch 1 BIG bowl of pesto gluten free pasta, pesto with a hidden lucuma and hemp

powder addition

Snack 1 Banana, (no bits) fruit and vegetable smoothie and another homemade


Dinner 1 BIG bowl of pesto gluten free pasta, pesto with a hidden laguma and

hemp powder addition, homemade chicken or fish fingers, and probably

another banana

Snack Perhaps some nuts or organic chippies.

Still, every day I am hoping that he would try, just once, the food that the rest of us eat. With LOTS of therapy we will hopefully get there!

Here’s to keep on, keeping on!!



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