Autism Assistance Dog: Sponsor Update – Part 2

I can’t promise that we’ll do these updates weekly, because as you can imagine having four kiddos your time is never your own 😊 but I will try and update as regularly.

This week has been much better. Lucky is cuddling, sharing, and playing a lot more with Gus, and we even managed a family outing which went VERY well!!! Not even one meltdown!! A miracle, I say. There was a close call as we wanted to leave, but I quickly distracted Lucky with Gus needing some water to drink and he came along without a fuss.

At our outing there were areas where dogs were not aloud, but after explaining Gus’ purpose, we were aloud to go in those areas. I am actually quite amazed, that so little people know about Autism Service dogs in the UK, but then again I suppose I am also quite amazed at the lack of Autism awareness there is in the UK. This just proofs what a big job we have lying ahead to create Autism awareness, as well as helping Autistics to get these wonderful furry friends easier.

Just a reminder of what we were taught when our lovely trainer, Tamara was here.

1. Controlled unload out of vehicle
2. Approaching the building
3. Controlled entry through a doorway
4. Heeling through the building
5. Six foot recall on lead
6. Sits on command
7. Downs on command
8. Noise distraction
9. Restaurant
10. Off lead
11. Dog taken by another person
12. Controlled exit
13. Controlled load into vehicle
14. Team relationship

As a team, we all fared very well on 13 of the 14 points. We do seem to have a problem with recall, especially when Gus is off lead and there is other dogs around, so we are working on that at the moment with a 30 ft recall lead, but I’m wondering if Gus was neutered if he would have acted differently when off the lead around other animals. A question for Service Dogs Europe I’ll report back on next time.

We are also still having some sleep issues, but to be honest, I’m not sure weather it’s Lucky, Mouse or Gus or all three waking everyone up 😊 I’m sure this will get sorted as time goes by, and all I can say is: “Thank you Lord for coffee!!” And I’m sure all Mamas everywhere would agree 😜

We also managed to cut Lucky’s hair all off for the first time in two years. Gus stood by Lucky’s side the entire three hours it took and every time Lucky got overwhelmed and needed to self-regulate, Gus followed him to make sure he was ok! Quite amazing to watch, I must say. ❤️

As always, we hope you enjoy and please share our stories with as many people as you can to create awareness of Autism and Autism Assistance dogs!!

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