Celebrating Dinosaurs

This Mama is very excited today. For the first time in 3 years, 11 months our Lucky played with another type of toy without Woody and Jessie!! 

The last week, Peppa Pig’s brother, George taught Lucky to say “Dinosaur” which made me very happy. Any new word makes me happy, even if Lucky refuses to learn any words from the actual real life people in his life. For some reason the TV and iPad have the magic touch with our boy.
Anyway, what really has me extatic today is that our boy played without adult guidance for fourty minutes with Dinosaurs and no Woody and Jessie in sight!!!

He was talking a lot in his own way and really the only word I could make out was “Dinosaur”! Who says Autistics don’t have imagination?!?! Lucky has never watched a dinosaur movie, yet he was completely wrapped up in play with his dinosaurs for fourty minutes!!!

First he let me shave his hair off earlier this week, and now this. I wonder if Gus has something to do with it?!?!


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