Chicken Wednesdays – Part 1 = Daddy’s Carbonara 



For the pasta

800g of Gluten free Tagliatelle

2L Water

Sea Salt to taste

For the sauce 

600g Free range organic, deboned, skinned chicken thighs. Cut into bitesize chunks

200g Lardons (We just love the French lardons: Herta Lardons Fumés)

2 Organic red onions, chopped finely

4 Organic garlic cloves, minced

Half a punnet of organic chestnut mushrooms

Sea salt and five pepper to taste

500 ml of homemade chicken stock

About 1L of Creme Fraiche (we love Waistrose’s “British Creme Fraiche. The one with the flag 😜) or 1L of White Sauce made with Almond Milk, Gluten free Corn Flour, Paprika, Salt and Pepper

Dash of smoked Spanish Paprika

A handful of fresh Basil


Whenever I make a sauce with Lardons, I always cook the Lardons first until the fat has dried up and the Lardons are dark and crispy. This gives the sauce a smokey, rich, Lardon taste. This makes all the difference!!

So, in a big pan fry the Lardon bits until dry and crispy, throughout the cooking process making sure that all the brown in the pan is scraped off with a wooden spoon. These boys add to the taste. Then add the onion and cook until brown. Add the chicken and brown as well.

I then add the garlic, stock, salt, pepper, basil and Paprika and cook the chicken throughout. This should only take about 8 minutes. In the meantime bring the water to the boil, add the salt and pasta and cook for 10 minutes.

After 8 minutes check the chicken, it should be melting in your mouth. Add the Creme Fraiche or Almond White Sauce and Parmesan cheese (Omit cheese when cooking dairy free). Warm throughout. Drain the pasta after 10 minutes and add to the sauce gently folding it into the sauce. Leave it to soak up all the sauce for about 5 mins. Dish up and enjoy!!!

You can always now add more Parmesan, salt and pepper to taste!

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