Assistance Dog For Morgan

Autism Service Dogs are true champions for anyone suffering on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Offering constant support and love, these special animals help to comfort their care-giver, keep them safe, develop communication, and improve the general quality of life they lead. 

People, like our Lucky, struggle to comprehend the world around them, and this developmental disorder greatly affects their respective communication and understanding.

We hope to secure an Autism Service Dog for Lucky to enable him to cope with public places, when he struggles to process the overwhelming sensory input we take for granted, develop the independence most parents dream of for their respective children, and hopefully, ensure his continued safety when sometimes we, as parents, fail!

Social, cognitive, and emotional development will help Lucky realise his own special place in this world, and we firmly believe a service dog will genuinely facilitate this process.

Service Dogs Europe train Service Dogs for Autism, Tourettes, Dementia, Mobility, Diabetes, Hearing and Seizure. We do not exclude anyone needing a service dog but ask how we can help and what requirements you would like us to train into a service dog to make your life easier.

Team Lucky would like to introduce you to a very special friend of ours! His name is Morgan. Morgan has Aspergers and he has been a victim of bullying at school. 


A lot of people who don’t understand Autism, don’t accept these wonderful people and they sometimes are teased , bullied and left out. This is completely unacceptable and we have to stand up and fight for people who need help standing up for themselves!

To help make your voice heard and for standing up with Morgan, please visit his friends page at:

We are also trying to raise funds for Morgan to help him get an Austim Assistance Dog so that he has a companion who would not discriminate against him and who would love and support him for who he is, an amazing 11 year old boy!! 

Please visit his fundraising page at:

And make a difference for Morgan!

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