Birthday Series: Day 1


When Lucky was born he was an angel baby! He hardly ever cried. He breastfed like a pro seconds after birth. He slept like an angel from very early on.

When it was time for me to go back to work, it was very hard to find a formula Lucky was not sensitive to. Eventually the Pediatrician put Lucky on a gluten free, casein free formula and that really cleared up a lot of problems.

In the beginning of weaning Lucky took to baby-led weaning instantly! He LOVED meat!!! Any kind of meat!! And bread.. He loved bread, but he had so many gut problems at the time. He got yeast infection every month, followed by constipation and then ear infection. Every. Month! Until he was twenty two months old when we introduced a new diet.

The love for meat was sadly short lived. Eight months to be exact! After that, his diet instantly shrunk to what is it today…..

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