Birthday Series: Day 5


At around twenty months Lucky knew about five words. And every time he learned a few new words, he just seemed to stop using the old words he knew before.

It also seemed like he was just copying words we were using because he didn’t really use the words in the correct context. For example, he would use the word “stuck” for anything he can’t get right. If a watering can is too heavy for him to pick up, he was just say it’s stuck. If he can’t open a water tap, it would’ve stuck. If Woody’s hat rolls under the fridge and he can’t reach it, it’s stuck.

Unfortunately, he is now nearly four years old and he still speaks like this. The words are a lot clearer and a about sixty words more, and more importantly, the meltdowns are far less.

At twenty months, if we didn’t understand what he wanted he would start crying, and then that would very quickly turn into an uncontrollable meltdown… It was clear, that we needed help! Lucky’s meltdowns were very scary for all of us. One cannot believe that such a sweet, caring boy could become so loud, out of control, aggressive, and he almost always needed a nap thereafter.

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