Birthday Series: Day 8

Some things change…. Some things never change.

Looking back at Lucky’s history it is actually so amazing to see how the same he is today to two years ago. Shortly before Lucky was being diagnosed in South Africa, he added the Teletubbies to his special friend list.. Two years later and he still spends more of the time with them. It’s almost like looking back into the future.

Even though I am probably the closest human being to Lucky and I wish I could say I knew what he and how he feels, but I guess that’s why us Autism parents spend every free minute researching and learning about Autism so we can meet our angel’s needs. Anyway, as close as Lucky and I are, I really don’t compare to his special Toy Story and Teletubbies friends. It’s amazing how they can calm our little man down. Them and his “lappie” (blankie) of course 🙂

Two years ago…


Lucky now…

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