Birthday Series: Day 9

June 2013 Lucky was diagnosed with non-verbal, high functioning Autism, ADHD. Up until then, we thought Lucky was quiet, shy boy, who needed his space. And that his rages were a result of his latency in language development.

By getting a diagnosis for ASD, we have learned that Lucky’s preferences is not just phases he’ll get over, or quirks, or fussy eating, or terrible two’s stretching into an abyss, or clumsiness, or forgetfulness, or him being naughty!!!!!! Hear that KATIE HOPKINS!!!

He has REAL spacial awareness issues, proprioception issues, developmental delays, language delays, low muscle tone, gross motor skill issues, fine motor skill issues, social and behavioural issues.

But we have come a long way, thanks to diagnosis and labeling! Because of his diagnosis two years ago, Lucky now uses 90 words, and he has grown so much!! As a parent of neurotypical children up until two years ago, we never even thought of any of these issues.

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