Birthday Series: Day 10


When Lucky was diagnosed we discussed a “way forward plan” which included Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, FloorTime Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Behavioural Therapy.

We also saw a Nutritionalist and changed Lucky’s diet after some tests found another bout of yeast infection in his intestines. Now I know that the whole ‘diet’ discussion around Autism can become a lengthy debate, but Lucky’s health problems cleared up. No more ear infections, no more tummy problems, he is far less underresponsive to pain, he started sleeping through the night. Two years later and his health is still great! he might get the old cold, but he certainly don’t struggle as much as he used to. The gluten free/dairy free diet and “Autism supplements” he started on certainly have made a HUGE difference for him. I do write more about this on

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