Birthday Series: Day 12



Moving house with our kiddos is hard! They do not cope very well with change. And we have done a lot of moving over the last six years, seventeen times to be exact!! Lucky has done remarkably well, considering how important structure and routine is to him.

Moving countries was the hardest for him. He stopped eating. Started becoming very aggressive towards me. I still don’t think it was aimed at me, but rather that I was him punching/kicking/biting bag while getting rid of his frustration. It lasted about four weeks and he was back to his old self. it was hard for him. An eighteen hour flight, and one can only take so much pesto pasta on board 🙂 So, not his usual food, LOTS of sitting down, and a lot of sensory input to deal with.

But he was a little champ! Lucky’s amazing OT in South Africa gave us so much insight and tips to help Lucky cope with the journey, as well as coping with his new home in France. Gus would have been really helpful those days!

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