Progress: Sensory Tub

We make our own colouring. So when we cook or make gluten free playdough (I will share the recipe some time) or make finger paint or sensory tubs, we always use homemade colouring. Over the years I have learned with Bear’s SPD that any preservatives or commercial colouring, his ADHD and SPD spikes! We learned so much from our OTs in South Africa and here in the UK about Sensory play and through our nutritionists we learned about what to eat and what ingredients to use.

So with our Dinosaur rice tub, I coloured the rice with green and orange and hid the Dinosaurs. Lucky has been fishing and really enjoying the rice. He used to absolutely hate it!! I also added some Lavender and Camomile drops for calming, but I think it really made him eat it. Honestly! I can’t get him to eat new foods, but he will eat the raw rice. Go figure!!



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