Birthday Series: Day 15


There is so many posts going around about Autism siblings, it is hard being an Autism sibling! Both Daddy and I don’t have many siblings so we dreamed about a big family, I mean five kiddos plus 😜 So we had our kiddos close together so “they can grow up together”.

But we never anticipated having sensory sensitive or non-verbal kiddos. We ended up having a real mixture. When we decided to have Mouse, Lucky was going through his “terrible twos” early and we thought, this too shall pass. But it didn’t. So with the mixture of SPD, ADHD, ASD and NTs, our house is hectic and chaotic most days. When the older boys are at school, Lucky is much calmer and his “window” is much bigger.

But there is at times, some fighting, and a lot of misunderstandings. Perhaps because they are still so small and they just don’t quite understand each other’s differences or each other’s unspoken language. 

When I read about our friends’ Autism siblings then I really wished that our boys just “got” each other as well… But  they don’t. It’s almost like all three boys live in a different twiglight. 

A different sensory, cognitive, emotional, social world. They just don’t “get” each other. It’s like hard work to be the mediator, to try and  explain ALL. THE. TIME. How they should “get” each other. 

And don’t get me started on all the rules!!! The rules gets me all wound up!! I get tired just listening to all the rules , let alone play it!!! So you can imagine how “lost and confused” a non-verbal boy must feel in play that has SO many rules!

What are they like ?!?! Hooligans, I say 😊


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