A Birthday Gift That Keeps Giving

In the spirit of Lucky’s birthday, we are reaching out to our community to support two very worthy causes.

As you know, we are very passionate about Autism Assistance dogs, and our friend Morgan, an 11 year old boy with Aspergers, really needs a doggie to help him through his anxiety caused by bullies. Morgan has so bravely led us, Friends of Morgan community, stand up against bullying in schools. So now, we are trying to collect the funds required to get Morgan a dog like our Lucky’s Gus. Please help us support them in either of three ways so we can help Morgan get his Autism Service dog.

Firstly you could support Morgan’s stepdad who is climbing Mount Snowdon on Saturday, 6th June to raise funds for Morgan’s doggie. You can support him over at: http://www.gofundme.com/swfusc.

Secondly, you could help us support Morgan by buying a t-shirt at: https://www.tboom.co.uk/morgans-super-hero-kids. Remember to post a selfie with your t-shit on Friends With Morgan’s page.

Thirdly, you could purchase a kids pass membership at: https://www.kidspass.co.uk/join. The normal membership is £59.99, but if you use the code: MORGAN15, you will only pay £19.99 and £5 will be donated to Morgan’s dog fund.

Then the other really worthy cause that we would like to share with you is a SEN school, Woodlands Academy. A year in the life of Autism is collecting funds for this amazing school.

The team at A year in the life of Autism’s little boy is 5 years old and severely autistic. Almost two years ago he began attending Woodland’s Academy and has since taken major steps in his development, all of which can be credited to the school through their amazing work. Unfortunately, like many other schools they heavily rely on outside funding to continue to provide vital opportunities for the children. They are helping the school fundraiser by selling t-shirts with #letsilentwordsbeheard on it at: https://www.tboom.co.uk/letsilentwordsbeheard-for-woodlands. I’m sure you have now heard about them with their annual #silentselfie campaign.

So, if you feel generous, and perhaps would like to give Lucky something for his birthday, hop on over to one of these campaigns and get involved.

Lucky is!!!


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