Birthday Series: Day 16

What is it about Autists’ eyes? Every Autist I have met, have these mesmerizing eyes. 

Being a South African I grew up around animals. Going to zoos and on safaris were considered normal holidays. 

Since Lucky was a baby, I remember telling Lucky Daddy that he’s eyes looked just like an elephant’s eyes. Deep, mesmerizing, it’s like it suck you in, beguiling.  It’s magical somehow. 

It’s makes you feel like you want to be part of their world. 

It’s like there are these horrifying times, but then you see the magic. You see something spectacular. 

It’s like Lucky feels and experiences so deeply. 

And I believe in what a friend of ours, Dean, recently said that his non-verbal boy, communicates with his eyes. It’s like Lucky wants to tell us his story. Sometimes I wish I could see life through our Lucky’s eyes!! 

Just once I would like to walk in his shoes so I can know how to help him ❤️

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