Birthday Series: Day 17


Since birth Lucky seemed to go through cycles. In the beginning it happened bi-monthly and would last a couple of weeks. Then every four to six months and the last time was last year June. 

Lucky would stop eating, and start waking up screaming in the middle of the night. It would take like an hour, sometimes two hours to go back to sleep. 

These periods have been linked to his gastrointestinal problems and ended up lasting about eight weeks. 

After not sleeping too well, he would become more short tempered, his sensory window would become smaller, and pretty soon the meltdowns become more and more frequent. He would start hitting, biting, and freaking out over the slightest thing. These times are tough on everybody, but especially on his brothers.

Lucky gets inflammation in his gut and yeast overgrowing in his intestines. Changing his diet has made an enormous difference!


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