Birthday Series: Day 18

Today we went shopping. All six of us!! We normally order everything online! On a Saturday Daddy make turns taking each kiddo out alone to spend alone time with them. So they might go to the shop to pick up some bits and then go for a cuppa and cake treat.

But all four the kiddos needed shoes, and their feet needed to be measured. When these days come, we pack the biggest bag we can find!! We get the iPad, all the Teletubbies, the round-up gang, the lappie, freshly baked muffins, water and innocent smoothies for the trip. Yes, the mall is only two miles from the house. Yes, we only went to buy four pairs of shoes, but if we forgot just one of those things, and we get stuck out? Or we walked past another kiddo holding a similar toy, it would have been a horrid experience!! Today was a good day 😜

I remember the days before Lucky got diagnosed. Lucky Daddy and I are both social butterflies so all five of us (I was still preggies with little Mouse) used to go out for on a Saturday for lunch. And EVERY Saturday was a disaster!! Lucky would get overstimulated, or hungry and the restaurant food was a case of hit and miss those days.

Today, we don’t go to restaurants, unless I can take Lucky’s special food with and we can time it right.

Many, many people have told me over the last two years that we should go out more and the kiddos shouldn’t change our life so much.

Why not?!?! They have the same rights as us! They deserve the same consideration and respect than us! If music is too loud for me I leave or turn it off. I don’t force myself to stand there because people expect me to! 

When our kiddos find it hard to cope in crowded places, we shall damn well respect them! After all we chose to have every single one of them and we knew life would change….. For the better!! 


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