Birthday Series: Day 20

I can completely understand some people’s reactions when bumping into our family while out and about. That is the people who stare at us and when they find out that Lucky is Autistic they smile or start a conversation. You know, the people who are actually kind deep down.

The people who really get to me are those people who blatantly comment on your failings as a parent and how you should discipline your child. Those people that when they find out your kiddo is Autistic and their attitude remains the same. No amount of awareness will help those people accept anything that is not like them!!

And those people who refuses to accept differences, are everywhere unfortunately. In two years we have traveled and lived in a few countries,  South Africa, Spain, France, Turkey, and England. And we always manage to bump into an ignorant grump!

It’s those people who I fear the most! Lucky can pick-up on their attitude towards him. Even though people can’t understand what Lucky says, he can understand when people don’t accept him! And just because he is different, doesn’t mean that he deserves less!!

I would really like to know how anybody in their right mind get annoyed or irritated with this beautiful boy with all the magic he brings into our lives.


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