Birthday Series: Day 21

Looking back now, I remember how easy it was to homeschool Monkey. I took so many little milestones for granted. I was working and we had an au pair teaching Monkey when Lucky was still a baby, but even at two years old, Monkey just loved doing puzzles, maths, writing, art, and craft activities.

Working with Lucky is hard. It’s hard to understand what he actually understands, and what he takes in or doesn’t take in. It takes a lot of patients working with special needs children, and I have a new found respect for all special needs teachers and assistants.

If I said that it has taken me almost two years to get Lucky to get to know the three primary colours, most NT parents probably would not believe me. And I celebrated when he actually suddenly decided he’s also going to add purple, pink, and green to his repotoir. Just like that! In one week. That’s how it works with Lucky. It feels like it takes him ages to understand something really simple, and then he just jumps and remembers, or grasps a few things all at once. It is really humbling to see his face when he gets something right that you have been working on for quite some time.

It’s magical and I just love how impressed he is with himself when he “dill it” as he would say 😊


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