Autism Assistance Dogs: Sponsor Update – Part 4

The last week Lucky has been spending a lot more time with Gus. And today has been especially good, so u thought I would send you an update 😊

When dropping the older boys at school or at the park we are still struggling since Lucky doesn’t want Gus too close to him.

But Lucky started playing with Gus in his room at 6am when he wakes up for about 15 minutes in the mornings, before calling me to fetch them.

And at home, Gus is aloud to watch Umi Zoomi with Lucky.

Outside they play so beautifully together!

Gus has also over the last few weeks squired a taste for gluten free bread with homemade one day jam, as well as gluten free pesto pasta, and every other food Emma shoves in his mouth 😜


Wonderdog Gus & his Flop are inseparable ❤️

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