Birthday Series: Day 22


For the last few days leading up to Lucky’s forth birthday, I thought I would focus on a few things he struggles with.

Lucky was diagnosed in South Africa with low muscle tone. For a more formal explanation you can read the Wikipedia page. In Lucky’s case, it wasn’t particularly noticeable until he was diagnosis. For one, he is surprisingly quite strong. Much stronger than your average four year old. 

You only start noticing when the experts starts pointing out how floppy he is when doing physical activities, or when you pick him up. And the reason he comes across as strong is because he puts his (20kg) full weight behind his physical activity, instead of using his muscles. Whenever he needs to use muscle, he seems like he’s almost flailing, or floppy.

Oh how I wished I was an OT or physical therapist, then I might have picked it up earlier. Thanks to our OT, we have many exercises that helps Lucky which helps his fine and gross motor skills and overall strength remarkably. I will share more of these exercises on a separate series, but carrying heavy watering can and gardening is one of the exercises. And Lucky LOVES gardening, so it’s not really work 😉


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