Birthday Series: Day 24

Lucky seem to struggle with fine and gross motor type activities due to proprioceptive sense issues and spacial awareness difficulties.

He comes across as very clumsy, he falls a lot, he runs into tables, doors, and other furniture daily which is in exactly the same position in the house. The OTs told us that he lacks awareness of his body’s position in space.

He has an odd body posture and never crawled as a baby. He had to bum shuffle and see and feel

Where he was going. He can’t do any buttons, zips, scissors, pens, pencils, his pincer grip still doesn’t work as it should. He can’t ride a bike, and he really struggles at the park. Two or three motor planning activities is hard for him.

With desensitising and LOTS of OT therapy he has come a really long way in the last two years.

To read more about proprioception, check out the Wikipedia page.


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