Are Bullies Allowed? No ABA for Lucky Monster Today Sir, Thank You!

Birthday Series: Day 25

Craig Roberts

We all love a little common sense. Quick to judge and point out the errors of another’s ways, resorting to the ‘common sense’ mantra. Sometimes the argument is petty, the viewpoint simplistic to the point of folly, but no matter, humans have never been one to shy away from offering their humble opinion to all aspects of life. Most, unfortunately, upon which they really have no expertise or insight to offer but yet the rest of us must suffer their respective whining.

History teaches a simple lesson: learn, and you will not repeat the mistakes of others who have gone before you. Sounds simple enough, but in practice rarely understood, followed, or even entertained as a possibility. Governments, we like to call them usually, but in our case a vast number of growing experts in the field of Autism apparently.

Progression is a wonderful thing, hindsight, too. For the former…

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