Birthday Series: Day 27

 Lucky has a great need for deep pressure. He is a very tactile child. He loves ring squeezed, rubbed, brushed, and massaged, but only by a selected few, I.e..: his family and our besties 😊

Deep pressure touch is very calming and modulating. It should be slow and firm. Sudden light and unexpected touch is very disorganising to Lucky, who has sensory defensiveness.

There are some activities that we do with Lucky to provide deep pressure, but it is important that these activities are done with someone Lucky trusts, and that it is not forced on Lucky. These activities are: massaging his back and feet; warm baths with foam bubbles; ‘hot dogs’ (this is where Lucky lies down on a jumbo beanbag, either on their front or back, and another beanbag is placed on top, not covering his face of course, and then I also do gentle firm pressure with the beanbag; being rolled up tightly in a duvet cover; firm cuddles; squeezing stress balls, hand toys and playdough; carrying books and shopping in a backpack; wearing think long sleeve clothes and his hat (like all the time, come rain or shine, winter or summer); and pressing Lucky’s hands/feet together or pushing with hands against the wall (arms straight); we have also built a ‘deep pressure tent’ for Lucky, which has a lot of soft toys and two huge beanbags in that he goes in whenever things get too much for him and when he needs to concentrate on pooping

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