Birthday Series: Day 29

IMG_1335 IMG_1339

Lucky always needs a hide-out space, even when out and about. When we’re out, I always make sure I know where he can hide when things get too much. If there isn’t somewhere where he can hide, we stay close to the car 🙂

We have a very busy, noisy home so at home we have created various safe, comfortable hide-out spaces, which all the kiddos benefits from. We use a tent with lots of stuffed toys and two beanbags in, a table with a blanket over and pillows under, in a cupboard, and outside he has a ‘playhouse’ where he hides.

We have been told many times that for such a young child, Lucky is very good at self regulation, but that is only if he is given the opportunity to go self-regulate when he needs it. That is the main reason for our preference to at home therapy and homeschooling, so that if things get too much for Lucky, he has the freedom to self-regulate when he needs to.

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