Drawing what our mouths cannot say

WOW!!! That’s all I can say xx


Original post from BBC News

‘…………..By Lucy Ash

wiltshiresingapore Artist Stephen Wiltshire draws a city scene in Singapore

For some, it’s easier to communicate with a drawing than it is with talking.

It is a rainy afternoon but people are queuing outside a Mayfair gallery to buy books and prints and get them signed by the artist.

The gallery’s owner, Stephen Wiltshire, is world famous for his incredibly detailed pen and ink drawings of buildings and cityscapes.

Sitting at a table inside, he smiles shyly as people shower him with compliments.

“Cities are so beautiful,” he says in a soft voice. “The skylines. . . the high rise buildings.”

Stephen’s speech is slow and hesitant. His sister Annette is by his side to encourage him and to clarify some of the questions he is being asked.

At the age of three, Stephen was diagnosed with autism and Annette says he found…

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