How’s The view from in There? (Autistic kids on autism) by Mrsmariposa2014

How inspiring!

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Friends, the world is increasingly cluttered with views of autism ranging from pandemic to please-leave-them-alone.

And, somewhere in the fight to eradicate and the fight to let them be understood, there lies people deserving of a voice.

People like my precious own.

Now, I’ve never gone interview style before, as many of you know. I lean more towards those flowery sort of essays. But, I have wanted to do this for a long while now-to give my kids a voice beyond our backyard.

And, let me tell you, when I asked what they’d think of sharing their views on Mommy’s blog, they were waaaay excited.
Well, Sarah is nine and all ham so her way excited is more bouncy than Elijah’s more subdued thirteen-year-old, “Sure. Ok.”
But his smile said it all.
So…we sat down for a little Q&A.
Now, I want it known before we get into this that…

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