Practical Life.. Mama’s Little Helpers!

With a house with 4 kiddos between the ages of 6 years and 17 months, you can imagine what our house must look like after a fun weekend! We have introduced a ‘pocket money’ system a couple of weeks ago. Each of the kiddos have chores to do and they earn 20p per day. We worked it out per day because some of the kiddos are so small and a week or month is a really long time to wait. They each have a money box and they have something to safe for, and the competition in on!!

But just like generations before us, Monday is the big cleaning day.

Luckily Mama has a team of helpers who are just too eager to jump in and help 😄

Lucky washing the crayons off the windows 😊 which is in fact always his job!


Lucky dusting 😊


Mouse mopping 😊


Phew!! Tea time!!

When the older boys come back from school and they’ve done their homework, their chores start. Bear picks up all the toys inside and outside and Monkey man and Mouse do the dishwasher and wash the dishes that doesn’t go in the dishwasher. In the mornings before school, the boys are supposed to tidy their rooms, but with the lack of sleep the last week, we are late every morning 😜

We gave them a few chores to pick from and they are happy with the chores they picked, and so they earn money for their ‘work’. On weekends when we have more time all the kiddos get involved with baking and cooking as well. They just LOVE it!


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