Socialise My Child!

Ditto Daddy!!

Craig Roberts

Communication never really damages a situation. Quite the opposite most evidence would suggest. As children, we first learn to communicate from our parents, and possibly siblings. Evolving, each one of us learns to interact with a variety of different people in a plethora of situations. Transitioning from utter dependency and small confines to ultimately, the big wide world. Interaction and communication, or social skills to give another title, learnt by the time we become independent adults, hopefully.
Who better to teach social development than mother, father, teacher, grandparent and such forth? Apparently, according to some, such an approach registers as sheer madness. A recent visit from a health visitor became the last in a long line of professionals, associates and friends who readily pointed out the need to ‘socialise’ our children. And, how do these insightful individuals and collective believe we should socialise our children? By sending them to nursery…

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