Happy Friday!

Lucky had such a fabulous week!! Earlier in the week I cut his hair again. I figured it’s probably best to keep cutting his hair every few weeks so he gets used to it, especially since he’s actually allowing me to cut it for a change.

Lucky also started wearing short sleeve shirts!! This is HUGE!!! Lucky always wears long sleeve clothes and a hat because of his sensory difficulties.

Lucky also helped give Service Dog Gus a bath and he did some hand painting for he first time in over a year!!

All and all Lucky has clearly had a very good week considering his sensory difficulties!

I wonder if it has something to do with his four year growth spurt! Shhhhht…. I don’t want to jinx it 😜

So, we’re looking forward to a fabulous weekend with our munchkins!

Hope you all have a good one, and feel free to share your fun with Lucky 😘



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