Happy Friday!!

 Team Lucky were a bit down in the dumps this week with a thoat/chest infection! Lucky’s voice has gone, so we spent all week vegetating!

On a good note, Lucky’s brothers has their very first sports day today and we are so very proud of them doing their races eventhough they we’re coughing all the way!

We also had an extra special surprise prize giving for our little monkey! He received a progress award for reception year, which is pretty fabulous for not kiddos, but extrodinary for Monkey who has a lot of stress to deal with at home and he still exceeds all expectations at school and at home!

It was a long day for all the kiddos, and believe it or not the whole prize giving were in the sun!! Yes, we had sun for a few hours 😜 and Lucky was so amazing!! He was calm, patient, and happy with service dog Gus by his side!

We have a lot to be thankful for everyday! And we wish you all a wonderful weekend packed with lots of fun and unconditional love..


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