Happy Monday!

Even though our week ended on a high note after all of us were sick all week, it seems all the excitement of last Friday’s outing, coupled with being sick for over a week, having his brothers home sick all last week, and lack of appetite due to phlegm and sore throat, has put a bit of stress on Lucky.
Lucky does NOT cope well with changes in his routine!! And he shows it by becoming really sensitive, and aggressive at times. And I know it’s because he can’t yet verbalise how he feels and his sensory window is so small when he’s sick and tired!! So meltdowns are plenty!

Tomorrow Lucky’s Grandparents are visiting from France and he is so going to lie being spoiled! We try and prepare him that guests are coming, but I am not sure he quite understands.
I am dreading to think how our Lucky is going to cope with the upcoming summer holidays 😁

Here’s to a HECTIC change in routine for the next ten weeks! Ooh, how we love rollercoaster rides… NOT!!!!

We hope you all have a fab week ❤️

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