As I’ve mentioned before the NHS suggested that Lucky goes to one of the inclusive nurseries in our area so he can get into the ‘system’ and so they can get to understand where his behaviour stems from. Here’s a clue…  SENSORY PROCESSING AND INTEGRATION ISSUES!!

They also suggested that he will pick up better social skills at nursery, and if you do read our blog, I think by now you know our view on socialsing children in an institution!

We have been visiting the school and doctors and with all the change Lucky has become very attached!!

Every day Daddy leaves Lucky cries for 30 to 40 minutes. He’s now wearing Daddy’s wedding ring around his neck and he is just not letting go of it!!and e won’t let anybody touch it because he knows how precious it is 😊

All we can do is try and make Lucky feel as safe as possible through this process.


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