Mini Meltdown

This is a reminder to all of us to respect others’ sensitivities!

Thank you for sharing your experiences so we can better understand what our little ones go through!



  I had a mini meltdown on Monday. I was out with my family walking the dog around a boating lake and it started to chuck it down with rain. My parents wanted coffees so we went into a cafe to the side of the lake.  It was heaving, cramped, deafeningly loud, hot, strong smelling and just generally overwhelming. My mum asked me what I wanted and I instantly didn’t want a drink or anything to eat – I just needed to get out of the environment fast.  I sat down outside and looked at my phone to try and distract myself but it didn’t work. I slumped over on the table and my dad told me off because it’s not something you should do in public apparently. I couldn’t control myself and I started crying. It was just all too much. The cafe attacked all of my senses (apart…

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