Thursday Tips: Feel Your Body To Feed Your Body

I know Lucky doesn’t understand hunger or thirst. But he has started saying ‘feed Lucky time now’ and then he takes me to whatever he feels like eating. The preferred choices are still very limited, but we’re getting there. Baby steps! And Lucky’s sleep/waking and feeding times are different from the rest of us.
Interesting read as always, thanks Kim ☺️


pita bread manEvery child is born with the survival instincts of hunger and thirst. In order to teach feeding skills we must start there and build up from the solid base of listening to what the body needs. When children start to move away from the breast or bottle towards self-feeding, it’s these feelings of hunger or thirst they rely upon for survival. We often think of the act of eating as what we do to survive, but the  survival really begins before there is food in front of us, with the urge to eat, to look in the pantry, to go to the fridge and get a drink, to ask ‘what’s for dinner?’

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